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Captain Brett Watson

Name Brett Watson

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 34

Physical Appearance

Height 6'
Weight 170
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Brett is a tall gentleman who is built like an athlete. He has played sports since he was a young boy. In particular he played hockey and therefore is a very good runner and has a good upper body build. He has a haircut just within Star Fleet regulations, which he upkeeps religiously and is always clean shaven.


Spouse Alanna Torlaan Watson (deceased)
Children Elisabeth Watson (5)
Father Kurt Watson
Mother Marcia Watson
Brother(s) Joshua Watson

Personality & Traits

General Overview He is always goal oriented and rarely finds himself able to move on or take a break without first finishing a task. While this does cause his work to lag at times, he makes up for it with completeness. This trait carries over into his off-duty habits as well. He finds it difficult to have enough time to get all of his personal activities finished because of his attention to detail. He is not, however, above having a good time if the atmosphere is right. It takes him a few moments to let go of task orientation and relax enough to fully enjoy himself. He has a strong sense of humor when he allows it to show.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Very focused and task oriented
+Friendly and laid back when the time is right

-Gets caught up in the 'little things'
-Tends to come off a bit uptight in many first impressions
-Can get a little too connected to his crew
Hobbies & Interests He enjoys working out and playing hockey in the holodeck. In addition, he likes to kick back with his friends after he has gotten to know them well enough. His daughter is the at the center of all of his decisions.

Personal History For the first three years of his life, Brett was the only child to his parents in Seattle, WA. He was a calm child that never really tinkered too far outside of set limits. When his brother was born, it created a competitive streak within him that remains to this day. As a result, Brett became very interested in sports, particularly hockey. He was always one of the smallest kids on the team and as a result didn't see much playing time. He became very focused on building himself up to be strong enough to get more playing time. This is likely where his goal oriented personality began to flourish.

As he continued through school he was never at the top of his class, but not for lack of trying. He slowly became more and more focused until he worked himself near the top of his classes. He was also on the school hockey team as the Captain. After High School, Brett was unsure where he wanted to go in his life. He had considered going to college and studying computer science and advanced mathematics. Instead, he felt a strong urge to attend Star Fleet Academy.

He signed up and entered the Academy. When it came time choose a focused educational path he chose the Tactical route. Upon graduation, he was assigned to the USS Hoover as a tactical officer. As his time went on, he became more interested with ship functions. Through his tactical experience he began to understand power systems and protocols more and more clearly.

During his time on the Hoover, he became very close to his department chief, Lieutenant Shawn Louser. Shawn had become something of a big brother figure to him during his time aboard the Hoover. One morning, the Security team was informed that the CO had committed treason against the Federation by not following a direct order. The team had no reason to doubt this as Shawn was well trusted. The team implemented full procedures to relieve the CO after they were shown evidence that appeared to be up to snuff.

Over the course of the day, however, the operation began to look more and more like a mutiny. Brett was part of the Bridge assault team that would go in and arrest the CO. Upon arriving, however, Louser took things over the top and held the CO at gunpoint. Shawn asked for Captain McGuiers' surrender. When he refused Shawn threatened to shoot him, at which time Brett shot and killed his mentor for treason. The entire security department was dissolved and reassigned to other posts. At this point he requested a change of duty to Operations.

Upon his transfer he became somewhat conservative in the relationships he allowed himself to have. He decided to remain focused solely on the mission at hand if for no other reason than to not let the demons of his past rise again. He had a trust issue now, and it would be harder for people to get onto his good side.

That all changed shortly after the Apollo left dry dock. Their first mission was to the planet Loqui IV on the edge of Tzenkethi space. The mission was a simple survey mission that turned ugly quickly with the incursion of a Tzenketh attack ship. Through very strange circumstances, Brett Watson, then an Ensign, found himself as the temporary XO on the USS Apollo and in charge of the recovery of their hostage CO, Commander Matsuda.

During this time, he allowed himself to open up a little to the people around him, learning quickly that that is what it would take for him to lead effectively. At the resolution of the episode, He was promoted to Lieutenant jg and changed Support Yellow to Command Red as he was promoted to the position of XO on the Apollo.

He became intimate with one Lieutenant Alanna Torlaan. She was a joined Trill who had seen over four hundred years of life in multiple roles. Initially, they kept there love for each other a secret, but that would soon end. During the year 2387, he was kidnapped/held captive twice. This began to wear on him mentally as an officer capable of leading, but strengthened the bond between himself, Alanna Torlaan, and their Captain, Seth Matsuda. On his second capture in a cave on Trill while investigating the Forsaken, he proposed to Alanna Torlaan.

Following the destruction of the romluan homeworld, Brett as well as the crew of the Apollo, aided in the rescue and movement of refugees.

On August 22, 2388, Brett married the Apollo's Chief Diplomatic Officer, Alanna Torlaan.

After responding to a fading distress call from the Yatil system, the Apollo encountered a cybernetic virus. The chaos and turmoil that ensued, left two members under his command dead and a wake of sadness through the ship. Brett entered a state of depression, but did his best to hide it from his friends and crew, as he struggled to deal with the rigors of a captaincy.

The moral decisions that were made after infiltrating Cardassian space to prove their involvement with the virus, led Brett and his crew down a rough path. He was at odds with many of his crewmates and felt that he was on the verge of losing it all.

After the hearing into the events in Cardassian space was dismissed, the Apollo was free to resume normal operations. [Previous section under Flag Level Review. Redaction may occur. Order 56897.2-65]
Service Record Starfleet Academy- Tactical Studies
USS Hoover- Tactical Officer. Removed due to a coup conspiracy within the security department
Feb. 16, 2386- Transferred to USS Apollo as Chief Operations Officer
May 2386- Assigned as temporary XO of USS Apollo
June 13, 2386- Promoted to Lieutenant jg and XO of USS Apollo.
Jan. 7, 2387-Promoted to Lieutenant Commander
Sep. 11, 2387- Proposed to Lieutenant JG Alanna Torlaan
Jan. 2388-Promoted to Commander
Aug. 22, 2388- Married to Alanna Torlaan Watson
Dec. 6, 2388- Placed in command of USS Apollo
Feb. 2389- Promoted to the rank of Captain