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Lieutenant Addison Talbert

Name Addison Julia Talbert

Position Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11"
Weight 165
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Dark Blue
Physical Description Stands 5'11" in stocking feet, 6' in boots. With her being an animal doctor besides a medical doctor, Addison has had to wrestle down a steer or two so she has some strength.


Spouse Thomas Abner Talbert (Deceased)
Father Bryan Mark Smythe
Mother Thalia Miriam
Brother(s) Todd and Hank
Sister(s) Mina and Lydia
Other Family Grandpa Earl and Grandma Emily Smythe

Personality & Traits

General Overview A rather determined woman, a survivor. Addison has her low points but that is due to her husband having died. She has her high points, as she is a dedicated doctor both for humanoid and animal kind. She does like being around people and being helpful. She does try to find happiness in small things, at times that can be difficult but she tries to count her blessings.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Determined

-At times can have some self doubt.
-May have the tendency to be too self-sacrificing, to run herself ragged.
Ambitions Professional-To help as many people as possible, and animals.
Personal- Ambition find someone to be with. Have a mini farm.
Hobbies & Interests Herbalism
Flute playing
Natural healing
Homeopathic cures.
Knife fighting
Animal Husbandry
Metal Crafting

Personal History Addison was part of a family who were part of a Federation Colony. Out where they termed it the Wild West of Space. It was filled with hard work, learning to do more than one thing. Learning to live on the land and be self-sufficient. Life changed as Addison wanted to learn more about the more modern medicine, and opted to go to Star Fleet Academy when she turned 18. She went through the classes she passed and graduated while her family continued to eke out a living and life back at the colony. She passed her cadet training and went into the medical field adding science to her learning. Four years on a Galaxy Class ship, then moved to a Nova Class ship. She was there as Assistant Medical. Two years later, Addison was called back to the colony where she was needed and there she met her husband Thomas Abner Talbert who was a veterinarian and a really good one.

Her husband had an Antares Cargo ship he used to go from several places to help out those who had sick animals. Sort of like a traveliung animal hospital. When they married it was also utilized as a traveling clinic as well as delivering medical supplies. Addison learned how to fly the Antares.

One day, her husband had gone to go help out with a prize bull of one of the colonists. He got it tended to and was on the way back towards the ship when something spooked a herd of cattle, and they stampeded. A little child had gotten separated from her parents and toddled her way in the path of the stampeding bovines.

Thomas went and swept the little girl up into his arms and ran for dear life. He was barely able to get her to a high and safe place before he was swept under the pounding hooves of the stampeding cattle. It was with great sorrow they brought the broken body of Thomas to Addison. He was dead, and there was nothing she could do about it. She and the small crew which was with her, took him back home to bury him. She took up his duties of being a veterinarian and also being a doctor. Feeling like she just couldn't let his work go unattended.

One day after having to take a special case patient to Earth on the way back home, Addison found herself and her crew in the middle of something she wasn't to certain of....
Service Record Star Fleet Academy
Four years on Galaxy Class Ship
Two years on Nova Class Ship
Called back to Colony