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Lieutenant JG Elden Lado

Name Elden Lado

Position Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species El Aurian/ Bajoran
Age 156

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1"
Weight 172 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Elden has short brown hair and standard Bajoran nose ridges. Due to his El Aurian genetics, Elden physically appears to be in his late 40’s. He wears the traditional Bajoran earring on the right ear, both on and off duty. Off duty he can often be seen wearing a leather jacket over top of a solid color t-shirt.


Father Lado Benke
Mother Airton Oihana
Brother(s) Lado Zamjald, Airton Raatyo, Airton Kuvuld

Sister(s) Lado Timja, Lado Ernir, Airton Inji, Mighu Chejis, Yoaja Maimi
Other Family Mighu Lewe, Mighu Rekirn, Lado Baina, Kiasih Maimi

Personality & Traits

General Overview With a total of 71 years combined service in Starfleet, Lad has seen a lot of changes in policies and alliances. Modern Starfleet/ Federation personnel seem quicker to invoke the Prime Directive, and less willing to get involved in outside events. Lado feels this shift had a direct result on the Bajoran occupation as well as the events surrounding the Dominion War. He is not afraid to speak his mind, but at the same time knows when to keep his mouth shut. Elden follows the basic tenants of the Bajoran faith.

Strengths & Weaknesses Good at logical analysis and likes to use it for practical applications. Loyal to causes and beliefs Adaptable and flexible. Willing to take a leadership role if necessary, although he is equally as happy to work behind the scenes. Straight-forward & honest.

happy to work behind the scenes. Straight-forward & honest.

Weaknesses: Sometimes can be a bit too blunt. Tends to have many projects going at once which can occasionally lead to subpar performance.
Ambitions Ambitions: Lado is likely to continue with his Starfleet career for many more years. While he has primarily taken engineering related jobs, with the switch to tactical he hopes to eventually transition to a Command position.
Hobbies & Interests Hobbies/Interests: Banjo, Oil Painting, Springball, Trumpet, Belaklavion

Personal History History:

Elden Lado was born in the year 2226 on Bajor to a Bajoran father and El Aurian mother. His mother had left her homeworld 17 years prior and had settled on Bajor 5 years previously. Two years prior to Lado Elden’s birth, his mother had married Lado Benke. Upon marrying Lado Benke, Oihana followed Bajoran customs and took the Lado family name. As a member of the a member of the V'telo caste, Lado Benke worked as a conductor on the main mass transit system that ran through the Rakantha Province. Lado Elden enjoyed growing up on Bajor, but was always fascinated by his mother’s stories of what lay beyond the Bajoran system. Therefore at age 27, he said goodbye and hopped a ride on a passing freighter. Several months later the freighter came across the USS Monson. Fascinated with the Chandley class starship, Elden gained permission to book passage on the starship. With some help from the Chandley’s captain, Elden soon enrolled in the Starfleet Engineering School which was designed to train highly skilled engineering technicians.

First Starfleet Career:

Upon completion of the 2 year Engineering School, Lado was assigned to the Soyuz Class USS Belyayev. He spent 2 years on the border patrol vessel before he was requested to join the crew of the USS Rohrer, a Ranger class starship attached to the Starfleet Corps of Engineers. The crew of the Rohrer was tasked with various tasks around the Federation that required specialized skills. In 2264, he transferred to another SCE vessel the USS Masao. The Masao was a Daedalus class vessel that had been pulled out of mothballs and refitted for the Engineering Corps. The first real mission for the Masao was to assist in the building of Vanguard Station in the Taurus Reach. The station was declared operational in 2265, and the Masao was soon assigned to other missions. Wanting to stay on the frontier station, Lado transferred to Vanguard as a station engineer and a relief engineer for the USS Sagittarius. Despite trouble from both the Klingons and Tholians, Lado enjoyed his time on the station. In 2268, the station came under heavy fire from a Tholian armada which resulted in its destruction. Lado remained on the Sagittarius for another 7 months until his enlistment was up.

Freighter Service:

Deciding not to re-enlist in Starfleet, Lado signed on with the cargo service. His first position was a propulsion specialist on the SS Cissonius. The freighter made regular trips between the Sol system and some of the outer Federation Colonies. Lado enjoyed the job as it allowed him to see a large portion of Federation space. He stayed with the freighter until 2274 when it took heavy damage during a plasma storm. Most of the crew, including Lado and the Captain, transferred to a new freighter the SS Lakshmi. With a new ship, came a new contract. Instead of running back and forth from Earth and the Colonies, the Lakshmi was based out of SB Phoenix and served the surrounding areas. While they previously only handled civilian missions, the crew now did several cargo runs for Starfleet as well.

Starfleet Round 2:

In 2288, Lado was contacted by Captain Aleksei Babienko, who he had worked with on the Masao. Babienko had risen through the ranks and had now been given command of his own vessel the USS Gaeta. Taking Babienko up on his offer, Lado rejoined the Starfleet Corps of Engineers. He remained with the Gaeta until it was decommissioned in 2305. Lado then was assigned to the USS Knutson, which was also a part of the Engineering Corps. Despite being many light years from Bajor, Lado kept an eye on the state of things on his homeworld. He was a bit unsure about the increasing Cardassian influence, but knew he had no influence on the situation.

In 2325, Lado took a leave of absence from Starfleet to attend law school. He completed his undergrad in pre-law at Trinity College in Dublin Ireland. Upon completion of his bachelor’s degree, Lado transferred to Cambridge University Law School with an Emphasis in interstellar law. Once Lado passed the bar exam, he was granted a commision in Starfleet and assigned to the Judge Advocate General’s Office. While in school and working in the JAG office, Lado continued to look for ways to disrupt the Cardassian hold on the Bajoran people. With Starfleet and the Federation not getting involved, Lado once again resigned his commission.

Return to Bajor:

In late 2333, Lado left Starfleet with the goal of returning to Bajor and joining the growing resistance movement against the Cardassian occupation. Due to the political situation, Lado had to call in several favors in order to sneak into Bajoran space. Once there, he soon joined up with the Bram resistance cell. Despite not having much formal martial arts training, Lado’s engineering expertise came in handy. For the first several years, Lado worked primarily behind the scenes. However, as the resistance movement entered their second decade of operations he began to take a more active role in attacking the Cardassians. Lado was also involved in the design and building of Bajoran Raiders. Finally in 2369, the Bajoran harassment of their Cardassian occupiers paid off when the Cardassians pulled out of Bajoran space.
With the Cardassians gone and the re-establishment of the Bajoran Militia, Lado had to choose between signing on with the organization or trying to re-join Starfleet. Still unsure of the Federation’s intentions regarding Bajor, Lado accepted a commision in the Militia. Due to his previous experiences and expertise, now Deputy Lado was assigned as a security guard on Deep Space Nine. He would spend four years in the Bajoran Militia, both helping Bajor become more independent and learning about how Starfleet had changed over the last 3 decades. He also sympathized with the Maquis position, and was always looking for ways to covertly help them.

Starfleet Take 3:

In mid 2373, the Dominion entered the Alpha Quadrant and almost immediately allied themselves with the Cardassian Union. With the Klingons and Federation united against a common enemy, and Bajor signing a nonaggression pact with the Dominion, Lado successfully petitioned to re-enter Starfleet. He soon found himself on the USS Zhuàng as a security crewman.. He stayed aboard the ship until late 2374, when the ship was destroyed in battle. Upon rescue, he was promptly reassigned to the USS Archer in the same capacity. After the Dominion War, the Archer was assigned to Cardassian space to assist with the rebuilding efforts. He remained with the Archer for six years until 2380 After that time, Lado transferred to Starfleet Academy as an instructor. Despite having risen through the enlisted ranks, in 2392 Elden accepted a commission and position as Assistant Chief Security Officer on the Iagawa. After completing Officer Training School on Thieria, he was commissioned as an Ensign and assigned to the USS Iagawa. He would remain on the Iagawa until transferring to the Apollo as the Chief Security/Tactical Officer
Service Record 2256-2258: Starfleet Engineering School

2258-2260: Engineer USS Belyayev- Soyuz Class

2260-2263: USS Rohrer- SCE- Ranger Class

2264-2265- SCE: Building Vanguard USS Masao- Daedalus Class

2265-2268: Engineer Vanguard Station/ USS Sagittarius

2268-2269: Engineer- USS Sagittarius

2269-2274: SS Cissonius- Civilian Freighter

2274-2288: SS Lakshmi- Civilian Freighter

2288-2305: Engineer SCE- USS Gaeta- Constitution Class

2305-2325 Engineer SCE- USS Knutson- Miranda Class

2325-2328: Trinity College- Pre Law

2328-2331: Cambridge University Law School, Emphasis in interstellar law

2331-2333: Judge Advocate General's Office

2333-2369: Bajoran Resistance

2369-2373: Bajoran Militia

2373-2374: Security Guard, USS Zhuang

2374-2380: Security Guard, USS Archer

2380-2392: Instructor: Starfleet Academy

2392-2396: Assistant Chief Security Officer, USS Iagawa.

2396- Present: Chief Security/Tactical Officer USS Apollo