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Lieutenant JG Johnston Grant

Name Johnston William Grant

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human (1/8 Andorian)
Age 38

Physical Appearance

Height 1.97m
Weight 110kg
Hair Color dark brown (greying at temples)
Eye Color very light blue
Physical Description Johnston looks more like a de-bearded tellarite than a human, betraying his Andorian heritage (his maternal great- grandmother), which only comes across in his eyes and general dislike of warm temperatures.

From his stocky (some unpleasant people would say fat) stature, and permanently hunched shoulders, he does not look like the poster boy for Starfleet.


Personality & Traits

General Overview Johnston really only cares about the science. has very little time for politics, favouritism and everything else that he feels come with a career in Starfleet Science.

Can have a short temper when it comes to administration, procedures and systems that slow down the chance to do something, would rather "crash on" and get it done and worry about the paperwork later, which has led to a number of fallings out with some people (especially those in command)
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths
- Capable, can get things done
- Always has a solution for any science case.
- Loyal beyond the rules for anyone he has respect for.

- Short temper.
- Headstrong when thinks could do better than procedure/command
- Tendency to act first, think later
Hobbies & Interests Science (mostly chemistry), Soccer (watching old matches on holodeck, and playing), Fencing and old Scottish history (Human side of family from NE Scotland)

Personal History born at warp 6 on the USS Discovery in 2358, and lived with parents on various starships, [including the USS Yamaguchi, at the battle of Wolf 359, when he was nine. ] until the age of seventeen, when he enrolled at the Stevens Institute on Caledon 4 (when his mother was assigned there as CMO of the Starbase) to read chemistry.

Which his parents thought would lead to him to going into medicine and following in the family tradition, and were surprised when he opted to join Starfleet science rather than Medical after completion of his studies in 2378.

After going through Starfleet Academy, graduating in 2383. Johnston was assigned to the Starfleet Sciences Operations team

Education College - Stevens Institute, New Edinburgh, Caledon 4. MChem Chemistry

Starfleet Academy class of 2383.
Service Record 2383- Graduated Starfleet Academy. Assigned to SSO team, Earth.

2383-2387 Various short term postings ,as required on various ships and starbases as a Forensic/ Chemistry Mission specialist (rank Ensign)

2388- 2390 Commanded mission team 4-2 also known as "The Hong Kong Cavaliers", on ship science lab refit duty (to get all vessels up to new specifications) at Utopia Planetia after death of previous CO.

2390- Assigned to repair USS Harbinger's science labs after inquiry shows it's refit was not done satisfactorily at Earth Station MacKinley.

2391 CSO USS Harbinger