Personal Log - Jost After Promotion

Posted on Thu Nov 12th, 2020 @ 3:29pm by Lieutenant Commander Lylja Tigerlilly

Personal Log, Lylja Tigerlilly

Well, it seems I am the new executive officer here on the Apollo. I just told my family about it, my parents were proud, they had always hoped I would move up in the ranks of Star Fleet maybe making it up to where I could effect policy. But that was never my dream.

My bother and sisters were congratulatory. I think only Angstrom noted my ambivalence about the promotion; I am good with things, people not as much. But it was good to see them and they were truly happy for me. I just wish I knew if I was happy for me.

I appreciate the Captain's trust and I will do my best to not to let him or the Apollo down. I sure wish we had a counselor to talk to, however that remains one of our unfilled positions. Something I will try to remedy as XO.

Angstorm said that I could call him back when he is free to talk. I will do that, it may help set my mind at ease.

Now to XO work. Rah?

Tigerlilly out.