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Number One

Posted on Thu Nov 12th, 2020 @ 1:39pm by Lieutenant Commander Lylja Tigerlilly & Captain Brett Watson

Mission: Dazed and Confused
Location: Ready Room
Timeline: MD 01

Brett sat behind his desk waiting for Lylja to show up. This was a bittersweet day, but one that he knew would come eventually. The Captain felt blessed though that he had just the person who could do the job he now needed to fill.

Lylja looked in and approached the desk. "You wanted to see me, Captain." She looked a little tired but managed a smile.

Brett nodded and said, "You look tired, but you're about to get a lot more tired."

"I had best get some chocolate milk then," she said. "What's the problem that needs fixing?"

As he watched her get her drink from the replicator, Brett started. "Well, I have an empty chair on the Bridge I need to fill for starters."

"How can I help? Do we need to review applicants?" she asked.

"Well, that depends, Commander. When is the last time you looked in the mirror?" Brett said this while trying to suppress a grin.

"What me? Does Starfleet really want me in charge, or even in partial charge, of a starship?" asked Lylja. "I'm just an Ops officer."

Brett raised an eyebrow. "Lieutenant, let me ask you a question. You've been on this ship for a long time. You have seen how many odd things we have been for. You were there when we crash landed and then were rescued from a dead warp zone. You were there when Starfleet dressed me down and the Senior Staff, including yourself, for the deaths and decisions that came out of a situation we couldn't have helped at any point. So, at what point do you think I asked Starfleet for permission for this decision? I'm just waiting for you to say 'yes' before I simply inform them."

"Well, I have never been one to betray a trust, Captain, so, yes?" says Lylja.

Brett grinned, "I'd hoped you'd agree. You are the top officer I trust and have on this crew. You've also served the longest under me. You are an easy choice for any Captain with half a brain, and I just so happen to have at least half of one."

"And I can help you find the rest," said Lylja with a grin.

"I certainly hope so, Commander. In the meantime, I'd still ask you to oversee Ops directly until we can get another crew member trained to replace you in that capacity," Brett replied.

"I am happy to keep running Ops as needed, Captain," said Lylja.

"Excellent," Brett replied. He then pushed a PADD across the table. "This is a list of your first duties as XO. Nothing to strenuous. Congratulations, Lylja."

Lylja took the datapad and snapped a crisp salute. "Thank you, Captain."

Capt. Brett Watson
USS Apollo

Lt Commander L Tigerlilly
XO/Chief Ops


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