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Getting acquainted

Posted on Mon Mar 20th, 2023 @ 3:12pm by Lieutenant Dessa McCallum & Lieutenant Addison Talbert

Mission: Dazed and Confused
Location: Dessa's Office

Addison had been so busy when she first arrived on the ship, that she'd not even met the resident counselor. Now since the ship was well, at rest, Addison decided it was time to go meet the counselor, tapping on her commbadge Addison sent out a message. "Counselor McCallum, where are you located? I'd like to meet up with you. This is Lieutenant Talbert."

Curious. Dessa usually had to drag people into her office for their yearly evaluations, very few people came to her willingly. But, perhaps this crew would be different. "I'm in my office Lieutenant. Please feel free to stop by," Dessa tapped her commbadge and began tidying up the room even setting out a tray of fixings in case the Lieutenant wanted coffee or tea. Then she waited at her desk.

Addison arrived shortly after she had contacted the Counselor. The tall blue eyed woman came walking in, her hair caught back in a loose ponytail, it swaying side to side. "Hello Counselor, I'm Doctor Talbert, but you can call me Addison or Addi, whichever is easiest. Hope you don't mind my coming to meet you." she said in greeting. "Oh looks like you have some tea fixings there, looks lovely."

"Glad to meet you," Thea did not extend her hand though. There were some races and even individuals who did not like to touch others. "Yes, help yourself. You can call me Thea if you like." Though, many people did not call her that, it never bothered her if a patient did. "To what do I owe the pleasure? Just a social meet and greet call?" Thea asked curiously.

Addison fixed herself some tea, then moved to where she could be comfortable, "Well I like to get to know a person just a little bit before I talk about my own possible issues? Besides it can get a bit lonely just being in an office. Which is why I tend to wander. Guess i am more used to my little ship I used to have." she looked at Dessa, "A question for you, what is your standing on physical contact, do you shake hands? Do you embrace someone if they need it?"

"Perfectly understandable. I do, though I've mostly found that only a small portion of people are really comfortable with it, at least at first. As you said it takes a while to get to know someone. I grew up with four brothers, all older than me. I think they turned into quite sensative young men with a baby sister to look after. Perhaps a little too nosy at times as well." Dessa smiled at the memories of them looking out for her. It always drove her nuts that they wanted to follow her around and protect her from everything though.

"Well I am someone who does do contact. A handshake or an embrace which ever someone is comfortable with. So.... if you are a hug type person then I won't be against it." Addison giving bit of a smile. She drank some of the tea, leaning against the back of the couch she was seated upon. "You and I may well be working together where our crew is concerned."

"Yes, this is true. Have you enjoyed your time here? I know every crew is different but I'm really looking forward to getting know my shipmates. It's hard not to make friends with them when you see them day in and day out."

"It has been a bit different. The Apollo had rescued me and my small crew from our ship. We were on our last legs, being chased by Pirates matter of fact they chased the pirates away and well then theyt had to destroy my-my ship." her voice was filled with emotion when Addison mentioned what happened to her beloved ship. "There wasn't anyway she could be salvaged, so had to destroy her."

"Oh I'm so sorry, " Dessa said, leaning forward. "That must have been so difficult for you. " Although a ship was just an inanimate object humans had the funny habit of becoming attached to them, especially if they were part of the senior staff.

"It was difficult, as that ship was the home I had with my husband. You see, the ship was a travelling clinic. We had gone to different colonies to help them out. They did have their own doctors but we went to help. Heck even helped to birth some livestock too, and take care of the animals as well as the humans." Addison responded, giving a smile at the memory but that smile was tinted with a bit of sadness.

"Well it had an honorable ending, I suppose you can't ask much more than that. And so you stayed aboard. Why not go somewhere else? Travel more? Help on the frontier?" Dessa asked curiously.

"The Captain needed a Chief Medical Officer, and I am beholden to him. He saved me and my small crew from death. He's got my loyalty and my respect. Besides, this ship will be traveling places, and I feel like this place is my new home. I don't want to leave." Addison giving a half smile.

"As long as you feel at home." Dessa didn't want her to stay in a place that brought back a traumatic event unless that's where the woman wanted to be. "I haven't been here very long at all, anything you think I should know about the crew?" Dessa asked with a small smile, almost a little bit mischievously.

Addison chuckled, "Well,I have met the captain as well as the chief of security. Both of them are handsome. Pleasant to share a meal with. Commander Lylja Tigerlilly is very personable. The chief of Science I've not met yet except for seeing him hunched over the scanners, to measure different things. I've not even met the chief of engineering either. That is about all that I have met of the crew."

Dessa nodded. "I'm sure I'll get to know all of them in good time. In fact. Maybe I should plan a little get together in my quarters, get them all in the same room. That would certainly be the quickest way to get to know one another. Don't you think?" She waited for the other woman's response.

"A get together may be a great idea, would help to make the connections that is needed for us to keep moving forward. I think that is brilliant!" Addison responded with a bright smile. "Now all that would be needing is to get others to be agreeable to do so. And maybe do a bbq outside? Nice fresh air that sort of thing you know?"

"A nice park on the holodeck? Sounds lovely. How about you design the setting and I'll take care of inviting the senior staff? Sound like a plan?" Dessa asked, getting to her feet. She actually wasn't sure the other woman was done talking but in the excitement of planning a get together she momentarily forgot that.

Addison was on her feet as well, "I love that idea. Let's do this and see if we can get the crew together." the woman having a twinkle in her eyes. "I know just the place, and it will be lovely to be there."

"Alright then," Dessa said. "I have some free time if you care to show me?"

"That sounds great." Addison said with a smile.



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