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Posted on Wed Feb 8th, 2023 @ 3:59pm by Captain Brett Watson & Lieutenant Commander Lylja Tigerlilly & Lieutenant Addison Talbert & Lieutenant JG Elden Lado

Mission: Dazed and Confused
Location: Briefing Room

"So, what do we know about the surrounding area other than the fact that this clearing we found for the Apollo used to be a volcanic outflow?" Brett asked his Chief Scientist.

Addison was eager in doing some exploring, just having the strong desire to see what was out there. And an volcanic outflow, that would mean some rather rich earth to add to the garden beds she was wanting, well in her own little corner of the ship that is. "Oh I would love to get a reading on that, to see how rich and loamy the soil is."

"We have put together some sensor drones disguised as the local bird-analogs," said Lylja, coming up, holding something that looked like a cross between a seagull and a bat with blue-green feathers on the wings and something like fur on its body. "We don't think there are any of the local sentients about but these drones should allow us to scout around without revealing anything about our presence. If you want them to look for anything in particular, let me know."

"I am wanting to get a sample of the soil to see what it contains, due to my hobby of gardening. If that can be found out that would be great." Addison replied. She was very excited to find out more of the area they were at. "That is an interesting concept there of a drone."

"We have the technology," said Lylja with a smile. "And they are pretty basic as we do not have to deceive electronic sensors."

"I think that would be an excellent idea. We have the hydroponics bay we can, safely, experiment. When in Rome, right?" Brett said with a nod.

"I call this one Gonzo," says Lylja tossing it up in the air and watching it fly away. "But things are going well. Luckily there are a considerable amount of the basic resources we need nearby. The more exotic elements will take more time but we are off to a good start."

Elden listened to the discussion going on about the planet they had crash-landed on. He had seen a lot throughout his long career in Starfleet, but crash-landing on an uncharted planet was a new experience for him.

"Finding ways to stretch our food supply is a wise idea, as are the drones. From a security standpoint I do have a few concerns. Despite there being no obvious threat, I still advise people travel in groups and be armed with handphasers. This might be more up the alley of Ops or Science, but we should make sure there's nothing interfering with the comm-badges. Until we have that option, I wouldn't stray too far from the ship. With your permission Captain, I'd like to set up a schedule for sentry duty, at least until we have a better idea of what is or isn't out there."

"We could set up a ring of sensor posts, just basic sensors to monitor movement, heat signatures and such, adding comm relays would be simple," said Lylja, adding notes on her datapad.

Addison was definitey getting all pumped up with getting a chance to at least do a limited exploration. "So what sort of teams will be put in place? Who will be with who. That sort of thing."

"First things first, I want Tigerlilly and Grant to do another thorough sensor sweep of the immediate area. As long as all is still clear, then I want the XO to begin filtering and approving requests to go off-ship. All requests must include at least two Security officers for it be approved as well as a specific, mission-targeted reasons for the departure. I don't want anyone going more than one kilometer from the ship until further notice," Brett stated.

"Noted," said Lylja, putting action to words by doing just that with her datapad.

"Would anyone like to pair up with me?" Addison asked, "When it is deemed okay to go out there." she was all abuzz about getting outside.

"I would be delighted to pair up and venture outside," says Lylja and then sighs. "Once I have caught up on all of the things I need to do for Ops . . . in a year or so."

Addison gave a bit of a smile, "A recommendation from a doctor, me, you need to get outside for a few may help alleviate the stress level and, give you a bit of a break. Besides, I would love to team up with you. Or I will drag our good captain outside as my team mate." giving a light laugh.

"Well, if it is a medical requirement," said Lylja with a smile, "I will make time to get outside."

"It is a medical requirement. of which I am going to say this, no one shouid be avoiding going outside." Addison sounding slightly bossy on this matter, but with a congenial smile.

Brett grinned, "Isn't there some rule about Captains and away missions?" He mused lightly. "In all seriousness, once we have done a thorough sweep of the area, I am more than happy to let people stretch their legs planetside."

"I can have security teams ready to help with the sweep in about ten minutes. As for escorts for any future expeditions, I can draw up a roster. Just let the on duty security officer know once the missions have been approved and a team will be assigned if we have the manpower."

There should be enough personnel to accompany the away teams and keep some back at the ship, but he wanted to make sure before sending most of his security folks out into the countryside.

Addison looked at the Captain, "Well that will include you stretching your legs." she once more stated, with a firm expression in her eyes. Then she turned to look towards the chief of security, and gave a nod. The man was certainly on the ball.

"Perhaps security could set up some training in basic fieldcraft for those wishing to spend time in the outdoors?" suggests Lylja. "That way everyone will have the basic skills to keep safe."

Addison glanced over at Lylja, and gave a nod in response. "I like that idea. I have lost count as to times that there hadn't been any basic skill training or even a refresher course of them and I had to patch up a few people."

Brett nodded in agreement, "We are definitely due for a skills refresher, and you are the perfect one to run it, XO. I'd also like to take the time to drill on board security operations. We have no idea what threats we could face. Let alone we have no real idea if any Borg followed us to wherever we are now. I want intruder drills run as soon as we have established a solid security presence on the surface."

"Noted, Captain," says Lylja. "We will get started on this directly. Much to do."

All Addison could do was give a happy grin.

Elden made some notes on his data padd.

"All good points. We can probably do with no more than 10 security guards on sentry duty, less if we draft other departments. If the remaining 14 can't handle any internal threats, we can pull those from outside or again use people from other departments. I'll organize teams to sweep the ship for any unwanted stragglers and then work on a few drills. As for survival skills, I know several people have the desired training, and I'm sure others in the crew have similar skills. I suggest we send out a general announcement and see if we can draw from a larger pool."

Brett nodded, "Alright then let's get to work."


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