Making the rounds?

Posted on Tue Oct 31st, 2023 @ 11:47am by Lieutenant Addison Talbert & Lieutenant JG Elden Lado

Mission: Dazed and Confused
Location: Messhall
Timeline: Backpost


With her having a bit of the wanderlust, in order to meet the crew of her new home, Addison continued on her exploration. Perhaps the chief security officer would be willing to for her to visit with him, and therefore Addison could find out what he is like. Tapping on her combadge, Addison sent out a message.

"Lieutenant Lado, this is Doctor Addison Talbert. I was wondering if you have the time for a visit?"

Even with the proposed sensor net, Elden wanted to have a handful of security staff on sentry duty just in case. The first shift had already been set up and he was working on a duty roster for the next several days. Things would be tweaked as time went on, and they had a better idea of what to expect planet-side.

His task was interrupted by a call from the ship's CMO.

=/\= I do have time for a visit Dr. Where do you propose we meet?" =/\=

"Well have you had anything to eat as of late? It seems that people tend to forget to take a break during their day to day work. So we can meet in the mess hall and chat whilst eating or... just have a meeting in your office." Addison replied.

"I hadn't forgotten about a meal, but haven't had lunch yet. I'll meet you in the mess-hall in ten minutes." Unless the topic of conversation required meeting in one's office, Elden preferred a more neutral location. Plus, in this instance, it would allow him to get a better feel for how things were sitting with the crew.

"Okay sounds good I will meet you there." Addison replied.

Ten minutes later Addison arrived at the mess hall, looking around to see if she could spot Lado at a table already or if she had beaten him there. Addison was going to wait to get her food after she connected with the Chief of Security.

Once he arrived in the mess-hall, Elden replicated a drink and a plate of hasperat. The place wasn't as busy as he expected, but considering the circumstances most people were probably still dealing with the fallout from the unexpected landing. He turned around in time to see Addison enter the room.

"Doc, over here!"

Addison perked up when she heard someone call out to her. Coming up to where the Security Chief was she smiled. "Hi." then she got herself some food, an omelet with some chile peppers on the side, as well as a glass of orange juice. "Where do you want to sit? And thanks for agreeing to have a meal together." the blonde giving an affable smile

Glancing around, Elden pointed to a nearby empty table.
"Not a problem Doc, we can sit over here."

Taking a seat across from Addison, Elden took a sip of his drink.
"How's the medical department doing since our landing?"

"We're getting organized, I do want to get outside just to see the blue sky and find what can be found herb wise and soil content."Addison answered. "I do know that we do need to be mindful about security when in a strange land."

"I'm sure I can arrange for a few escorts if your department wants to do a little expedition. Once we've done a bit of scouting I would expect the Captain to authorize missions beyond visual range of the ship. I might even join you, it's been a while since I put my wilderness skills to use."

There were times in the Resistance where technology took a backseat to good old fashioned 'living off the land.'

"That sounds like a grand plan indeed." Addison responded with a warm smile. "Before I was saved by the Apollo and before we were set upon by those pirates, I went out to gather herbs and get myself stocked up. Guess you could call me an out of doors sort of woman."

After a little bit of a chat, of which Addison enjoyed the two went their separate ways and onto different part of their day.