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To the Rescue!

Posted on Thu Oct 28th, 2021 @ 8:14am by Captain Brett Watson & Lieutenant Commander Lylja Tigerlilly & Lieutenant Addison Talbert

Mission: Dazed and Confused
Location: Deep Space
Timeline: Backpost-Prior to Borg Attack

Her ships sensors were going crazy as there was a battle going around, her ship got hit by something and it looked like her ship was tearing itself apart. "Mayday Mayday, can anyone read me?" Addison sending out a transmission. "Draska, have you heard anything from anybody yet?"

"Not yet Addy, there is a lot of interference." Draska barely keeping himself from tumbling out of his chair.

"Gustav is there anything you can do to keep us together?" Addy called to engineering of the small ship.

"Sorry, darling love won't be keeping us together." Gustav's answer came back.

Addy laughed despite the dire situation they were in.

"Gustav, I don't mean you asking me out for a date, I mean is what is the condition of the ship.? "

"Well darling, ship's shields are holding up, but only just barely don't know for how much longer." Gustav answered.

"Draska see if you can clear that static up, and keep trying." Addy said, feeling her heart pounding.

"Mayday Mayday, this is the SS Florence Nightingale, please respond. Mayday Mayday Our ship is tearing itself apart!" Draska sent out.

==Apollo Bridge==

Lylja was in her least favorite place, the command chair. "Commander, we have a Federation priority distress call," reported the Comm Officer.

"Ops, Triangulate its source. Helm, lay in a route, maximum warp once we know where they are. Tactical, shields up, weapons ready," Lylja snapped out the orders.

"On it." "Course set, engaging warp." "Shields up."

"Alert the Captain," said Lylja. "Engage long range scans, let us find out what is happening. Comm, let they know we are on our way."

"Florence Nightingale, this is the USS Apollo, we are on our way," sent the Comm officer.

A few minutes later, Captain Watson was on the Bridge. As he rounded the corner to the Command area he asked, "What do we have, Commander?"

Lylja gratefully gave up the command chair. "Federation ship in trouble, priority distress call. Matches known information of the SS Florence Nightingale, which is known to be in the area."

==Florence Nightingale==

Draska quickly glanced over his shoulders at Addy. "We've got contact" then turned back to answer.

"USS Apollo, we've got some unknown ship or ships attacking us, can't identify what it or they are. Our ship is taking heavy fire."

Long range sensors show what appeared to be three ships in hot pursuit of the Florence Nightingale.

Another blast hit the ship

Draska is thrown from his chair, sparks fly. Addy is sent tumbling then picks herself up from the command seat to check on him, she bit her lip, and turned her head.

"Neeley get us out of here!" to her helm.

Neeley nodded, and continued his evasive action.

Addison took the seat where Draska had been. "Apollo, this is Doctor Talbert how fast can you get to us?" her fingers tapped the controls turning on the view screen, the image grainy at best.

Coming over the ships communications. "Addy love, shields are now at 15 percent."

Addy frowned at this, they've been going as fast as they can, except for the emergency warp. That was being reserved for emergency and it certainly was getting there.

==Apollo Bridge==

"Florence Nightingale, take a course of 270 by 182 and we will meet you within six minutes," broadcast Lylja. "Please clarify your situation."

==Florence Nightingale Bridge==

Addy glanced over to Neely who altered their course.

"Apollo, shields are at 15 percent, We are being attacked by three unknown vessels. I've lost my conn officer. Weapons are non operational." the bridge shuddered as the ship is hit. "Scratch that, shields down to 9 percent, heavy damage to cargo area. Life support bare minimal." to the side she said. "Gustav get to the bridge now."

"All ready on my way, love" Gustav responded as he brought the fire suppressant Just as he arrived, to put out some of the fires Addy noticed something which made her blood turn cold. The ships that were in hot pursuit just fired off photon torpedoes. "Neely emergency jump now! Short hop!"

Neely complied, altering the course of their ship before making the jump, the photon torpedoes passing by harmlessly.

That hop brought them closer, to the rendezvous with the Apollo. Neely adjusted the course once more to the previous coordinates given by the Apollo.

"Gustav do we have enough power to make one more warp jump if needed." Addy asked.

"I am afraid not." Gustav answered.

The enemy ships altered their course having found their prey once more. Now it was a race against time.

30 seconds to rendezvous They were firing photon torpedoes once more, time crawled for Addy watching as the torpedoes were nearing her vessel....

==USS Apollo==

"Tactical, prepare a firing solution to deter the three unknown vessels using long-range sensor data. Commander," Watson said to his XO,"as soon as you can, I want transporter locks on everyone on board."

"On it, sir," said Lylja, her fingers flashing over the holographic controls. "Medical, prepare for possible casualties. Full alert."

Addressing the Nightingale, Brett asked, "Doctor, how many people do you currently have on board?"


"I've got only four, myself and three others. The ship I'm in is mainly a travelling clinic, and we are all on the bridge." Addy feeling like things are becoming rather surreal at this point. "One is critically injured the rest of us are okay."

Addy gripped her seat hard when the photon torpedoes hit. She was surprised they hadn't been blown to space dust. "Gustav, status!?"

"It be a miracle, we've got 1 percent shield!" Gustav shouted with great elation. The engineer taking over the communication area.

Addison nodded and knelt to check on Draska, feeling more relieved that he was still alive but barely. There was more of a blue haze on the bridge now, Addison coughing slightly.

Sensors show for the Apollo the three pursuing ships were powering up their phasers, just as the Nightingale reached the rendezvous point with the Apollo.


"Fire photons on those three ships! Helm, put us between those ships and the Nightingale." Brett's order were clear and sharp. As he watched the torpedoes leave the Apollo via the screen. "Commander, do you have locks on that crew yet?"

"Shield good. Lock on Nightingale crew . . . now," reported Lylja.

Brett watched the torpedoes strike the three ships. "Fire phasers. I want to make sure they leave." As the energy hit the ships they adjusted course and ran. "Let them go, now. XO, with me to the Transporter. Mr. Cawley, you have the Bridge."

==Transporter Room 1==

When they materialized in the transporter room of the Apollo, Addison still kneeling near Draska looked up at those who were there, "May I have him transported directly to sickbay? I don't want to lose any of my crew." Addison moving away from Draska, and rising to her feet. Gustav and Neely moving off the transporter pad as well.

The Transporter came to life again, dematerializing Draska. A few moments later, Brett and Lylja walked through the doors. "Welcome aboard. I'm sorry we couldn't reach you sooner. We'll get all of you to Sickbay to be checked out. We were able to run off those three ships that were pursuing you, but you can fill us in on the details later."

Stepping slightly aside, Brett motioned toward Lylja. "This is Lieutenant Commander Tigerlilly, my First Officer."

Lylja nodded. "Welcome aboard. Your ship has . . . barely survived. It is probably destined for the scrap yard, I am sorry."

"Captain, you did arrive in a timely fashion as in, we are all alive and that is what counts." her other crew nodding in agreement. "And thank you for coming to our rescue. It was nothing short of a miracle that you were at the right place and time."

She nodded towards Tigerlilly. "It probably is destined for the scrapyard." looking towards Gustav.

"Sad to say, Addy love but, I will have to agree. I don't think I can bring the Nightingale back to her former glory. She had taken too much damage. Probably best to scavenge what we can and, send her to that great shipyard in the sky." Gustav replied.

"That's my engineer/handyman, Gustav. " Addy deciding she had better do some introductions. "This is Neely my helm and Draska my communications and anything else that is needed. Oh and my name is Doctor Addison Talbert if I've not formally introduced myself. And you can call me Addy instead of Addison."

"Welcome aboard, all of you. We are in the process of setting up quarters for each of you. We can send a team over to your ship to begin the salvage process if you'd prefer. We are in no rush, so if you would prefer to escort our people instead, that is fine too. I'd encourage you to get checked out in Sickbay first. Though, we are a bit undermanned in that area as of now," Captain Watson stated.

"I appreciate that very much and you can count on me to help out where you are needing it the most. Same with my crew." Addison replied.



Over on Nightingale, Addy looked around, there were things that could be salvaged. Medical items, some components that may be helpful to the Apollo. Tools that Gustav wished to bring aboard the Apollo. Addy got the database of her ship, the records of what she and her husband had done. She got all personal items from the ship. Turning towards those who were with her. "Once the salvageable items are taken off the ship and can be scavenged. I'm thinking that the ship needs to be destroyed. Not let her just drift out here as an empty shell."

Brett had tagged along just to aid in moving the process around. "That would be fine. We can set the warp core to overload and move the Apollo off to a safe distance."

Addy gave a nod. "I'd rather that happen, a better end." giving a bit of a sigh, "But, it will be a Viking funeral in away." giving a sad smile. "Fitting as she certainly gave her all in protecting us until you arrived."

When all that had been salvaged and put to where it could be useful for later. Addy said, "Okay, its time, Captain." wiping away a tear that trickled down her cheek.

"Very well," Brett replied. "Set the self-destruct sequence and we'll get out of here."

Addy nodded, walked over and entered in the code for self-destruct sequence, with Gustav being the secondary code holder. "Okay let's beam back." casting one more look around at the ship that had been her home for many years.

Once safely on the Apollo and it being at a safe distance, Addy watched as the self-destruct code took effect tears streaming down her cheeks, as the ship exploded into a million pieces, the debris momentarily looking like a field of stars before it faded away. She turned towards those nearby, looking at Gustav who was near her, as well as anyone else near. "Looks like we have a new home."

Brett stood there quiet for a moment. "I am happy to take you on board for as long as you desire to stay. We should be in port soon, and we can make any arrangements you want from that point." Looking to Lylja, "Lets get them settled, please, XO."

"Captain, I would like to be a part of your crew would that be possible to arrange. Also the same for the other two. We could be useful to you, if you are so inclined to bring us into the fold. Besides I owe you a debt and a great deal of gratitude for your rescue of us." Addy giving a smile with an pleading expression in her eyes.

"I would be happy to bring you aboard. We could use a Chief Medical Officer if you are up for it. And, of course, if you can stand up for your people, we will be more than happy to have them on board as well," Brett replied.


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