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Landing Zone

Posted on Fri Jan 21st, 2022 @ 11:00am by Captain Brett Watson & Lieutenant Commander Lylja Tigerlilly & Lieutenant JG Johnston Grant

Mission: Dazed and Confused
Location: USS Apollo

Brett walked into the small Astrometrics lab that had become standard on Intrepid class ships following the return of the Voyager. As he entered the dimly lit room, he saw Lylja and Johnston standing at the center console typing in some information. As he approached he said, "So, what have you found?"

"Mostly Captain, that the repairs of the long-range sensors are going to need another calibration, we've got a bubble of about five light years mapped, but beyond that is slightly fuzzy." Johnston answered "On the bright side, there's no ships in that bubble, so we're pretty safe until weapons come back up to full capacity."

"We have a wealth of raw materials available but no local civilizations to ask for help, at least, not that we have detected yet," said Lylja.

"What is our closest place to set down? I'm getting reports from Engineering that they are fighting a structural integrity issue on decks twelve through fifteen and they want to put the efforts towards shoring it for landing, but at the moment we need the power just to move the ship. I'd like to give them a time table," Brett said.

"As we are still moving at a safe speed," said Lylja. "Roughly 28-hours?"

"There's a class N planet about three and a half light years away. Bit cold, like Andor or Emniyet in summer, or Class M about 4 in the other direction, no signals coming from it, but could have Pre-industrial civilisation on it." Johnston replied, pointing to the display "Know a trick to boost the SI field, tune the shield emitters down to the bottom of the E band, might strengthen it enough to get a fix started."

Brett thought for a moment. "Given the extensive repairs, I think the M class planet may be our better bet. The less gear we have to wear while outside the faster we will be. Plus, it may raise spirits versus being so cool."

"Agreed, the Class M should make for a secure and comfortable place to make repairs," said Lylja. "It should also make any necessary resource extraction easier."

"XO, begin setting things in order for landing. Stay in condition yellow for now. When we are twelve hours out from the planet set condition blue. I'm going to make some rounds and show face, starting in Sickbay. Following that, I'll be writing a report for the logs. I also want to drop a probe here with report and to continuously scan. When repairs are complete we will come back and see if it has picked up anything useful," the Captain stated.

"On it, sir," said Lylja. "Grant, do you want to see to programming the probe? I need to run a complete check on supplies."

Brett left them to their planning as he left to head to his next stop.


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