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Touch Down

Posted on Tue Jun 28th, 2022 @ 7:07am by Captain Brett Watson & Lieutenant Commander Lylja Tigerlilly & Lieutenant Addison Talbert & Lieutenant JG Elden Lado

Mission: Dazed and Confused
Location: Unknown Planet

"Anything on sensors? I want to make sure this planet is truly isolated and we are alone out here," Brett stated. He hated taking the ship into atmosphere given his last two experiences. Yet, at the same time, he felt truly glad to be on a ship that had such a capability just in case of emergencies.

Lylja was manning the Operations panel, it still felt natural. "Within the limitation of our current sensor array, we seem to be alone. If there is any civilization on the planet it is pre-urbanization. Running additional scans as we close."

Addie arrived on the bridge and looked around to see where she help out, "I am looking forward to walking on solid ground and seeing what is out there."

Brett simply nodded and replied, "Hopefully nothing we want to forget later." Shifting his gaze to Lylja, "Find anything?"

"Indications of early hunter-gatherer activity on the main continent with possible spread to the others," said Lylja looking at the reports on her datapad. "But definitely sentient, mammalian. But with such a limited level of technology, they barely show up on scans. We will have to be careful."

"What would their technology level be?" Addie asked "Would it have simple ships for cargo or would it be more on the level of the beginning of the engineering age? Like steam locomotives or would it be more on par of the early pioneering days of space travel?"

"Nothing so advanced, unfortunately, neolithic to early metalworking," says Lylja. "That is why they are so hard to pick up on the scan, they have hardly any footprint of the environment."

Addie nodded, "So when we do go out planet side, we will have to be very careful in how we are dressed. Something homespun that sort of thing. And not knowing what sort of language they might be speaking, that is another thing we will need to be careful of."

"We should be able to choose a landing site that is outside of the planetary natives' range of habitation," says Lylja. "But if we need to go hunting for resources, yes, we will have to be careful."

Elden took in the information coming from the rest of the bridge crew.
"While a space faring, or near space faring race, would be nice technologically; a more primitive race should be easier to avoid. Hopefully we can find enough resources to get the ship flying again."

"I hope so too, however this also would be a good place for perhaps my being able to find some herbs to restock my supplies. If that will be okay." Addie replied. "I have found on the different planets I've been to, some of the medicinal herbs and also roots, are similar to those found on Earth." Addie feeling a sense of excitement.

Lylja smiled. "There should be time for exploring. I am estimating we will need at least three weeks to complete repairs so everyone will have sometime to get out and walk on a world new to us."

"I am looking forward to that." Addie responded, "might even go do some hunting for food, i wonder if they will have fish here." the doctor mused aloud. "Would be lovely to have some fresh food, I do know how to cook up a good meal." She paused and looked at the others. "oh sorry, just making plans." she smiled.

Brett watched the screen as he listened to the discussions around him. He was tense entering an atmosphere after their last stay under similar conditions. As the Apollo entered the atmosphere a shudder could be felt throughout the ship. The inertial dampers did their job well. "Helm, you are free to deploy landing gear once appropriate altitude has been reached. All hands, prepare for touch down."

"Best get to our stations," said Lylja. She clasped Brett on the shoulder. "And you had best get an inspirational speech ready, Captain."

Addison went and found an unoccupied seat, to await the landing. She didn't want to be her own patient if she lost her balance.

As the ship entered atmosphere, Brett could feel the inertial dampeners kick in. The ride was still a little rough, but nothing the ship couldn't handle. Once they were through the atmosphere, the screen was filled with a lush landscape dotted with various mountain peaks. The pilot brought the Apollo towards a large plain that had shown up in an enhanced view and the landing gear was deployed.

The Captain then looked at his XO and said, "Inspirational speech, huh? I'm not prone to setting such grand expectations when hiding from the Borg in a galaxy far, far away," he added with a wry smile.


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