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Lost pt.2

Posted on Tue Jun 1st, 2021 @ 8:38am by Captain Brett Watson & Lieutenant Commander Lylja Tigerlilly & Lieutenant JG Johnston Grant & Lieutenant JG Elden Lado

Mission: Dazed and Confused
Location: Unknown

Brett allowed his hypothesis that they were beyond lost hang in the air for a moment while he hoped someone would correct him. He hoped someone would tell him he hit his head too hard and he had simply misinterpreted some data point. He didn't think so, but he hoped.

"Do you want us to start broadcasting a distress call, Captain?" asked Lylja.

"No. Not yet. I want to try to figure out where the hell we are before I let anyone know we are in the neighborhood," Brett replied. He stood from the console and walked to Ops where Lylja was standing. "I want this information kept quiet from all but the Bridge crew present. Until we know where we are, people need to focus on their jobs to get us up and running." He then sighed, "Do we have an early casualty report?"

Lylja nodded. "We are still getting reports in. So far, we have injuries but no casualties. Hopefully, that will continue."

"We can hope," Bret replied. He then turned to Lieutenant Grant. "Can you join us over here, Mr. Grant?"

Jon looked up from his station. "Of course, Captain, what's up ?" walking over.

"I need your top priority to get a fix on our position, if possible. I have already told the Commander here that I have a bad feeling that we are not anywhere close to a familiar place," Brett said quietly.

"Not a problem at all, Captain." Jon smiled "I'm trying to get a team down to the shuttlebay at the moment, so they can go out and check the external damage of the sensors, and any other damage, should get a report on their progress any time now" tapping the two way radio attached to his arm in lieu of the communicator network working. "When they get out on in shuttles, I'll ask them to use them to check our location, tell them I'm calibrating the ships' systems so not to raise suspicions. With two shuttles should get a clear answer."

"The shuttles sensors are already enmeshed with our systems, sending routing codes your way, Lt Grant," said Lylja.

Crewman Lauch entered the bridge, Data Padd in hand.
"Captain I have a damage report from engineering, plus the Chief wants to know your priorities for repairs. Impulse engines have already been placed at the top of the list. We expect them online in less than 2 hours"

Brett thought for a moment. "Have the Chief continue with the impulse repairs. I am not concerned with the warp drive at the moment. I'm sure the DC teams are overwhelmed at the moment, so have him send out auxiliary teams to get our hull secured and shut down and evacuate any sections that don't need immediate attention, but have damage. Finally, I want our shields brought up as soon as we can manage. I know life support systems are fine on the Bridge, but how does it look through the rest of the ship?"

The engineer jotted down the notes from the Captain.
"Aye sir. I'll pass along the information. We'll make shields a top priority as well. For the most part life support is holding. It's a very redundant and robust system by design. We'll cordon off any severely damaged areas that don't need immediate repairs."

"We should have an adequate amount of supplies for repairs," says Lylja. "After . . . certain previous events, I make sure that we have a deep stock of such."

Brett gave her a knowing look quickly recalling their time stranded on an unknown planet. "Good to know, Commander. I want to be kept up to date every hour." Looking around the Bridge he said, "I'm going to go for a walk. Sometimes the Captain taking a walk can help morale. I also want to be told as soon as we have some sort of idea on our position."

"Yes, Captain," nodded Lylja.


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